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Bunnyland - Third Time's The Charm

The Source Of All Evil

Bunnyland! Third Time's The Charm!
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Hi! We're the Bunnies. A little explanation? Sure, why not.

Once upon a time in Dunedin, there were six friends. Their names were Adele, Mirri, George, Meg, Erin and Kathryn.
Adele, George, Meg and Mirri became the original Fabulous Foursome, with the associate bunnies, Kathryn and Erin. You see, one day, they were very bored, and decided to freak out Adele's boyfriend by telling him they were all in a great big lesbian relationship.
Smutbunny. Bondagebunny. Lovebunny. Kinkybunny. LilEvilBunnyFrouFrou. SKittie.
Thus, Bunnyland was born.

Oh, and let's not forget our newest associate, Lemonbunny (the reason for her name is really, really funny)! [waves at slitelyobsessed]